Medicalised Retirement Home, Roybon, France, Roybon

Building in the slope, opened on the landscape

In a beautiful landscape and a steep slope, the new EHPAD (medicalised retirement home)requires a harmonious integration of its 8,000 m², 4 levels and 132 rooms. Preceded by a parvis on the ground floor, a central space, as a “village square”, includes all the equipments of life and activity of the residents (reception, bar, shop, lounges…), opened on the central patio-garden, with a beautiful volume generous in double height. Alternating terraces-loggias and dwellings, the façade is animated by large twin bays allowing to limit the repetitiveness. Generous, they frame beautiful views, and integrate a low window still as a bench and a fine fixed panel allowing the natural ventilation. Evoking the traditional local architecture, concrete bands recall local clay buildings, and the apparent piers use ocher-colored aggregates. Vegetated terraces reinforce the integration of the project in the green landscape.



Nicolas Félix-Faure


Géraldine Eynard, Lilyan Garnier, Marguerite Léger, Loïc Rion, Perrine Alexandre, Florian Burnichon, Didier Deschamps


Lylo Perreau