La Vache Noire Shopping Centre

La Vache Noire is a mixed use and a multifunctional project, a facility open to the city, and both a building and a public space. It is a model for a new kind of commercial development which, more than just a place for consumption, becomes a space for leisure and social activities. It’s a win-win approach both for the city and the mall operator. This urban architecture also has environmental qualities: by “giving back” the building’s entire floor area in the form of a roof garden, the design preserves the “value” of the precious ground; it offers a generously proportioned public space where communal activities can take place; it encourages biodiversity on the scale of the district; and it provides permeable, absorbent surfaces that help regulate water management. Its design becomes a local “resource” for the district, which guarantees its permanence.



Mark Wilson

Project leader

Patrice Harbach, Samuel Proton, Moïse Benainous


Catherine Lauvray, Jean-Luc Charpentier, Eva Binder, Roman Gala, Meike Bruns, Mattia Malanca, Amparo Arostegui, Emmanuel Samson, Pierre Doucerain, Anne Lamiable, Michèle Roumegoux, Catherine Bonnier, Delphine Velay, Christine Gaillard, Pascale Cazard, Rhona Kilgour, Caroline Faivre, Anne-Laure Gimenez, Christine Forrer


David Naudon