La Capelle shopping center, Millau

The structural perspective of this multi-purpose shopping centre projects into the extension of the town’s main highstreet. Emblematic of an urban renewal project designed to give new life to the glove industry, the building opens out, somewhat like a vast urban tectonic plate, rising before us and splitting along its centreline. From its town-side entrance, its openview layout directs all eyes towards the Puncho d’Agaste. The roof garden, which serves as a fifth façade, invites walkers to discover the landscape. The sloping architectural design, highlighting the difference in altitude between the existing upper piazza and the newly created lower piazza, successfully integrates the differences in dimension on either side. A link is finally established between the small-scale buildings and townhouses one one side and the large-scale industrial workshops on the other.



Mark Wilson

Project leader

Loïc Rion


Inès Noblin, Jean Cataix, Anne-Marie Morvan, Perrine Alexandre