Hôpital d’Estaing, Clermont-Ferrand

Located in the new Estaing district on the site of former Michelin factories, the new hospital project was intended to make it a real hub within the city, a basis for the development of the new district. The monumental treatment of the entrance courtyard clearly marks the hospital’s presence in the life of the city and expresses the institution’s social dimension. Our intention was to provide a ‘human-sized’ answer to a programme with complex functionalities. We voluntarily took the horizontal and fragmented approach to bring a more intimate dimension to the site and provide simple, direct links between the different departments. The organisational structure can be used to provide great potential for development of the premises as a whole.



Antoine Buisseret, Yves Pervier, Michel Rafin


Etudes : Jean Salvi, Géraldine Eynard, Jean Cataix, Hugues Beaudoin, Thierry Bernardoux, Caroline Faivre, Magali Rastogi, Pierre Barbotte, Mathews Holmes, Marie-Anne Daganaud, Chrito Chinkov, François Merines, Alberto Alessandri, Emilie Biston, Jean-Vincent Ducrocq, Jean-Denis Dupuy, Emmanuel Samson, Smaïne Chekri, Mourad Delbeze, David Naudon
Travaux : Eric Couillez, Patrick Gaire, Serge Cuchet, Laurent Gathion, Marie-Aude Rey, Wilfried Guelle
Peteer Wendling, Amandine Lazareff

Quantity surveying

Pierre Schiebling, Samuel Chembah, Wieslawa Rudy