Exploitation site for the Grand Paris Express network, Champigny-sur-Marne

At the cutting edge in the field of urban transport, the Maintenance and Storage Facility and Centralised Command Centre marks a new stap in the creation of the Grand Paris Express network. It prefigures a new generation of efficient, functional industrial buildings that are better integrated into their urban context, act as communication media, and have exemplary sustainable development credentials. The project is primarily defined as a “metamorphosis” that energises the site, adapts to its context, and becomes a catalyst for urban development. A showcase of transport and maintenance expertise, this positive-energy building (BEPOS) with its active roof and landscaped outer skin embodies technology in a gentle, human form: technological innovation serves the community and leaves room for life, comfort and urbanity.



Mark Wilson, Alexandre Franc

Project leader

Véra Broëz


Géraldine Gérin-Bougain, Giovanni Orsi