Urban design of the Pôle Gare, Bussy-Saint-Georges

We propose basing the composition of the future public spaces of the station hub and Vitlina Square on the concept of usage, to provide an active, festive, busy, fun place where people spend time … a multi-faceted, multi-dimensional area. The intermodal yard is a pedestrian area. It makes the transport offering easier to understand, does away with intermodal conflicts by re-establishing the continuity of traffic routes and gives pride of place to pedestrians and cyclists. South-facing terraces make shops more visible and easier to visit, and the pedestrian area contributes to the animation and attractiveness of the hub, a living area and a public space in its own right.
The central area slopes slightly, a gentle topographical movement that helps users to dissociate themselves from the busy traffic and provides an area of transition, an urban prairie, solarium and public facility for special events (music festival, ice rink). The south-facing retaining wall becomes a stage set, giant screen or animated water picture, both entertaining and refreshing.



Antoine Buisseret

Project leader

Véra Broëz, Gaëlle Foucault, Véronique Zamant


Géraldine Gérin, Jean-Nicolas Pinaire