Thiais Village Retail Park

Thiais village, located between the A86 and a residential neighbourhood, is built on a wasteland which had previously been family gardens. It features an open-air central mall and particularly gentle architecture based on elegant materials such as wood, stone and glass. The shopping centre’s driving force – an IKEA store – is discreetly located on the northern end of the site. The southern tip of the centre is occupied by several restaurants with open-air terraces, which also provide walking paths from the town to the shopping centre. Several local artisans will set up business behind the line of shops, which stretches along the east side of the site. Opposite the residential neighbourhood, a fragmented “domestic” facade offers pedestrian passages.



Mark Wilson

Project leader

Philippe Battesti


Patrick Le Bail, Christine Gaillard, Rhona Kilgour, Corrine Gérard, Thomas Huchet, Jean-Luc Charpentier, Bruno Hallé, Marc Mazeres, Christel Crivelli, Christine Forrer, Yves Tailfer, Eric Olivier, Olivier Boczek, Lucy Taussig, Myriam Dana, Catherine Bonnier