Tertiary hydraulics centre, Saint-Martin-le-Vinoux

EDF has decided to group together its hydraulics-related activities by creating a single hub in the Parc d’Oxford development zone. The site, next to the N481 main road, offers EDF a stunning showcase at the entrance to the town. The Hydraulics Centre has a two-storey concrete base with a pattern of vertical stripes. Three perpendicular 6-storey blocks have eye-catching slender vertical white concrete slabs framing glazed sections at one end overlooking the valley. These three vertical blocks are connected to the three-storey buildings below. Awarded BREEAM certification, the complex aims to achieve a high level of environmental performance: it features energy-efficient systems and a sophisticated BMS, thermally active floors, planted terraces, and interior gardens that will retain water in case of unusually heavy rain.



Nicolas Félix-Faure

Project leader

Christine Guillas


Alain Galaup, Lilyan Garnier, Orlando Corso, Florian Burnichon, Henri Guillaud-Beauregard, Corinne Thibaut