Sud Francilien Hospital, Corbeil-Essonnes

This metropolitan hospital, outstandingly located at the confluence of three major transport routes, asserts itself in the landscape as a coherent complex on a human scale. Remarkably large, it has 1,000 beds divided between four independent clinics. Its strata-like layout on six floors follows a modular plan arranged around large inner courtyards, offering many opportunities for transparency and natural lighting. Protected from the noise, it stretches kinetically along the Francilienne motorway to the south. The architecture is more domestic on the northern side, opening onto the trees in an urban park; the patient rooms above the streets serving the different sections of the hospital also face towards the park.



Franck Lavigne, Norbert Sanchis


Annie Kechichian, Silvina Triemstra, Susanne Ryg, Enrico Ingala, Massoud Pourhassan, Catherine Bonnier, Eva Binder, Catherine Lauvray, Cybèle Da Costa, Ariane Rupp, Dominique Chebbah, Nicolas Tricard, Laurent Hervé, Bernhard von Oppeln, Judith Martinez, Maria-Noël Garcia, Elisabeth Ankri, Yasmine Chehade, Anne Pesse, Ralph Abdeljalil, Catherine Benoit, Sandrine Dupraz, Tanaz Bahadori, Myriam Bercovici, Martha Leblanc, Luis Pestana, Corinne Gérard, Frédéric Audevard, Laurence Fort, Maud Minault-Schreiner, Christine Forrer