Royal Maternity Hospital, Bahreïn

The Bahrain Royal Maternity, nestling in the heart of the desert, is a veritable ode to serenity and life. The project design is based on three principles: first of all, achieving an innovative, contemporary architectural expression, both unobtrusive and in harmony with the surrounding landscape, secondly creating spaces and indoor gardens conducive to calm and serenity and, thirdly, proposing a construction with a high level of care The building’s envelope, with its curved contours and soft shapes, seems to hover above the ground in a gentle ripple. A dune amongst dunes in the Bahraini desert expanse, it is transpierced by oases and gardens – three ellipses around which the reception areas are laid out. The design of the indoor volumes, and the special attention paid to the layout and decor of the relaxation areas and walkways, makes for a more mellow atmosphere, attenuating the bluntly lclinical function of the complex and making for a truly unique environment.

Hospital Build Awards 2011 / Best Hospital Design (Future)



Antoine Buisseret, Alexandre Franc


Véronique Zamant, Shivam Garg