Respiratory medicine center, Dieulefit

The Dieulefit (Drôme) Healthcare Centre specialising in cardiology and respiratory medicine treats both children and adults. Built on the side of a hill on a 9-hectare countryside plot, it overlooks the village, which is surrounded by mountains. The architecture, which is resolutely contemporary, engages with the landscape. Its horizontal structure highlights the remarkable outlines of the ancient trees which now rub shoulders with the new building. A light-coloured wood roof tops off the building, and a slatted sunshade regulates light and heat.



Michel Rafin

Project leader

Céline Tosti


Hervé Perez, Muriel Nourrisson, Vincent Platel, Sandra Olandese, Jean-Denis Dupuy, Yves Fontaine

Quantity surveying

Jacques Richaud, Wieslawa Rudy