General Hospital and clinic in Arcachon, France

The new Arcachon Health Centre, born out of the amalgamation of a private clinic and a public hospital, is like a “vast, fourdecked ship, standing on the sand on the outskirts of the city. A two-storey podium building, shared by both establishments, houses all the reception services and treatment units, with the two clearly identified accommodation units, one for the Clinic and one for the Hospital, rising upwards from the podium. From a distance, the Arcachon Health Centre is visible as a single, coherent unit, easily identifiable as a healthcare establishment… Then, as the view zooms in, each component unit, whether public or private, reveals its own, identifiable purpose, its volumes and its architecture.



Norbert Sanchis, Franck Lavigne

Project leader

Maria-Noël Garcia


Ralph Abdeljalil, David Banvillet, Sandrine Dupraz, Cybèle Da Costa, Christine Forrer, Judith Martinez, Anne Pesse, Nathalie Poiret, Nicolas Tricard

Quantity surveying

Alain Mollaret, Denis Chaix, Samuel Sœur, Ludovic De Saint Germain