New Hospital, Rochefort

Rochefort Hospital is a typical example of a generation of medical centres providing an appropriate response to a complex programme, combining harmonious integration into the site, efficiency and hospitality. The new hospital was designed to better incorporate new hospital legislation and technologies (MRI, multimedia connections for patients). The future medical complex will include a research laboratory, an elderly person’s hospice and, potentially, a nursing college. Flexibility and scalability are key to achieving a sustainable and responsible medical centre.



Michel Rafin, Antoine Buisseret

Project leader

Maeve Naessens, Philippe Maillard


Magali Rastogi, Fanny Meyer, Jan Munzinger, David Pochat, Myriam Dana, Serge Gascon, Henri Guillaud-Beauregard, Emilie Biston, Jean-Vincent Ducrocq, Lynda Harris, Matthew Holmes, Emmanuel Samson, Anne-Sophie Eymery, Orlando Corso, Marie Anne Steinhaus, Nathalie Poiret, Céline Courcoux

Quantity surveying

Jacques Richaud, Alain Mollaret, Wieslawa Rudy