Mixed-use project, Avry, Switzerland

The future shopping centre, with its large floor areas, fits in well with its surroundings. Demolishing the old mall has freed up space that has great potential, and a new residential area is developing on the sloping plot. The bases of the new buildings are used for offices, shops and parking spaces, while above them are blocks of flats on the same scale as the surrounding residential developments. The new district is focused around the station and shopping centre, and also enhances the urbanity of the two neighbouring villages, which are soon to be joined together.The Avry shopping centre intelligently benefits from the identity of the station and its positive image. In return, the station uses elements of the shopping centre programme to establish its own monumental status in the local area. The glass block perpendicular to the station emerges from the development: this “Station Tower” emphasises the true status of the Avry shopping centre, which is both a significant development for the local area and an extension to Fribourg town centre.



Mark Wilson, Denis Bouvier

Project leader

Loïc Rion


Salvatore Carvelli, Alain Marchal, Sylvain Bru, Vivien Pillot, Florian Burnichon