Magasin Debenhams, Liverpool, United Kingdom

The “Debenhams” project stands in the heart of Liverpool’s docklands, in the Port district, converted and today became the epicenter of the city’s cultural renewal. On the major highstreet, Debenhams stands out in the midst of Paradise Street’s ubiquitous brick, hitherto the material of choice which set the tone for the street’s somewhat uniform architectural design. Revealing its strategic position and standing out as the district’s major point of interest, Debenhams boasts an iconic waveshaped façade, its curves and countercurves highlighted through an alternation of opaque, translucent and transparent glass.



Mark Wilson

Project leader

Damien Gaudin, Steven Charles


Jean-Vincent Ducrocq, Yves Tailfer, Maeve Naessens, Zbigniew Chron, Gregor Sinclair