La Source Multi-Purpose Centre, Vichy

This complex, located on the former site of the military hospital in the town centre, is a diverse space including shops, homes (for sale), offices, cinemas and even a casino. The various areas use different styles of architecture and facades to avoid the ‘mass effect’ common to high density developments. The “4 Chemins” centre has succeeded in becoming an integral part of the city and is now the location of choice for local businesses. Its success is also due to the pleasant outdoor walks it offers to the right of the square, along the adjacent roads, as well as indoors along its airy mall, which boasts a light structure and an elegant glass roof.



Mark Wilson, Bruno Hallé


Philippe Maillard, Henri Roux, Annick Isnard, Sandra Olandese, Hélène Bottarel, Gilles Parraud, Jean-Philippe Salles, Fabienne Ferley, Anna Kachitsina-Salmet, Rachel Cook, Pascal Grillet, Céline Tosti, Guy Maurel, Nathalie Poiret, Monique Boujard

Quantity surveying

Denis Chaix, Wieslawa Rudy, Alain Mollaret,