La Murri shopping center, Rimini, Italy

Rimini’s waterfront will receive a complete makeover with the development of “La Murri,” a recreation-oriented shopping centre named for the Catholic establishment which once occupied the existing buildings, which will be preserved. The majority of the new shops will be located on level -1 so that thoroughfares offering sea views from the city can be created on the ground floor. The shopping centre occupies a discreet location which can be reached by an open road running parallel to the beach. On the seafront, several small open-air cafes complement the shopping area. Their light construction, coated with pre-oxidised copper, provides a smooth transition between the historic building and the beach. A large deck runs along the beach between the cafés and the shopping centre. It is shaded by an awning supported by slender columns/lights, which turn the site into a virtual marina…



Mark Wilson

Project leader

Gianni La Cognata


Myriam Dana, Fanny Meyer, Silvia Baratto, Christine Guillas, Loïc Rion, Inès Noblin, Pascal Chancelade