Jumeïra Garden City East Park - block 2, Dubaï

The emirate of Dubai is organising its new city centre using a master plan (designed by SOM, Chicago, London) which features blocks organised as “open islands” and covered with 20 to 40 story towers, lined up along the side of a park (the future East Park). The two islands (B & H) will be developed as mixed neighbourhoods, one mainly dedicated to office buildings (B) and the other mostly residential (H, on the front side of the park). The islands, which will comprise a base built on a standard European scale and towers built over suspended gardens, will have open and thriving centres irrigated by a pedestrian area and organised around a refreshing pool. The project’s very demanding environmental standards (LEED Gold), highdensity and an open and highly struc- tured urban style make it a believable model for the European cities of tomorrow.



Mark Wilson

Project leader

Bruno Duchet


Sabrina Bourquia, Moïse Benainous, Philippe Battesti, Ralph Abdeljalil, Véronique Zamant, Sandrine Pressiat, Keith Fletcher, Julie Sarrelangue