Hoplite, modular deployable bio-contained intensive care complex, Déployable

Winner of the UNIHA call for projects launched at the initiative of the Architecture and Engineering Committee of DG_CHRU and the Association des Ingénieurs Hospitaliers de France!

In response to the Covid crisis, the consortium made up of Groupe-6 architects, the innovative industrial companies Aspida & Imebio, supported by the Mérieux Institute, with ERINHA, European Research Infrastructure on Highly Pathogenic Agents, Life Ingénierie and GL events, has designed an innovative bio-contained intensive care complex, deployable in 20 days. This hybrid concept brings together containers and deployable structures in a minimal footprint that can be easily stored and moved. The scalability of its modular design is threefold: in capacity (expandable), in safety level (pathogens), and in equipment (possibility of adding technical modules, imaging …).



Antoine Buisseret, Géraldine Maurice


Clémence Goudal