Hôpital Cochin, Paris

With its concept of 100% ambulatory care, the new Ophthalmology unit foreshadows new approaches by making it easy for people to get their bearings, pooling resources, and providing flexible and high-quality reception facilities for patients. The layout of the new building is arranged around two distinct components: the existing Blaise Pascal building and the “new wing”. The two are linked by a transparent central atrium. A showcase for the new facility, the atrium presents a new welcoming face: it is open, light and accessible. The reception facilities are naturally identifiable and easy to understand at a glance. The typology of the new wing is symmetrical to the Blaise Pascal building and echoes it. The two buildings balance each other out and respond to one another, forming a unified, stable whole. The warm-coloured patinated zinc façades in the new wing continue to form the roof. This skin, folded like an origami figure, gives the building its unique identity.  The codes of “hospital pavilion” architecture have been reinterpreted to give the building a feeling of well-integrated modernity.



Antoine Buisseret

Project leader

Romain Mirabeau


Maria Leopizzi

Quantity surveying

Didier Deschamps