General Hospital in Brest, France, Brest

The new Cancer, Hematology and Imaging center of the General Hospital of Brest, France,  will be a center of excellence for the treatment of cancer in Brittany. Near the entrance of the site, the building take place in the landscape, as a showcase of the CHRU. Its “signal volume” crowning the entrance is adorned with its glass skin and becomes an essential visual landmark in the city. By creating views and transparencies, its architecture will allow the connection of the mall and forecourt with the interior spaces (hall, atrium..). The interior terraces contribute to this continuity. Warm, protective and significant “places “, open to the outside, punctuate clear and perceptible circuits. Noble materials, wood and natural light offer comfort, quality and privacy to patient reception areas.



Franck Lavigne

Project leader

Cornélia Negulescu, Enrico Ingala


Perrine Alexandre (Paysage), Ralph Abdeljallil, Philippe Battesti, Clémence Bertrand, Léa Boisvert, Orlando Corso, Cybèle da Costa, Julian Deglas, Jovénil dos Reis, Daniela Fieffe, Annick Isnard, Annie Kechichian, Laura Rigolet, Silvina Triemstra