Maison Blanche station, Paris XIII – on the line 14 of the Grand Paris Express

The Maison-Blanche station is located in the 13th district
of Paris, along the Avenue d’Italie, between the Super-
Italy tower, to the east, and the tunnel of the metro line
7, to the west . It is part of a dense urban fabric featuring
a number of tall buildings. To allow the extension of line
14 and its connection with line 7, the Maison Blanche
station accommodates 2 additional levels, and theirs
surface access are requalified. Two emergences, which
form luminous beacons by night, are staged at the foot of
the tower Italy, in the heart of a forecourt that facilitates
multiple mobilities.



Mark Wilson, Alexandre Franc

Project leader

Arianne Rupp, Nicolas Tricard


Géraldine Gérin, Tina Bakic, Jean-Nicolas Pinaire, Moïse Benainous, Giovanni Orsi, Léo Chiriaco, Benoit Bourd