Fine Arts Museum, Grenoble

The museum’s design is based on the use of indirect natural light from above and features spaces laid out on a single level, rooms designed to highlight the works on display, a continuous path through the museum and a close relationship between the indoor volumes and the building’s openings towards the city and landscape. It is surrounded by a two hectare garden, an open air museum featuring monumental sculptures by contemporary artists.



Olivier Félix-Faure, Yves Pervier, Nicolas Félix-Faure


Pierre Vachetta, Jean Salvi, Jean-Claude Wojtaszeck, François Laugier, Candide Félix-Faure, Pascale Mira
Pierre Franchino, François Terpend

Quantity surveying

Alain Mollaret, Wieslawa Rudy, Denis Chaix, Ludovic De Saint Germain