Extension of the Hospital, Aix-en-Provence

Located near the historic centre of Aix-en-Provence, the Hospital comprises several buildings dating from different periods. The extension projects concerns the north of the site, freeing up the Cézanne building for a new consultation and functional exploration facility. The extension houses medical services, full hospitalisations, the Cardiology and Neurology wards, and the Hemodialysis unit. The project involves complex phasing and interdependent operations, and sacrifices neither the site itself nor openness to the surroundings. O the contrary, its terraced garden showcases the beauty of the Provençal landscape. The development is both compact and generous, with Mediterranean patios ensuring optimum functionality for the patient rooms and bringing natural light into the heart of the building. The project achieves the right balance between the compactness of the floor plan and the garden overlook. The elegantly understated design enhances the image of the Hospital. Along with the renovated Cézanne building, which dates from the 1960s, the project restores coherent, clear architectural unity in terms of both aesthetic appearance and thermal efficiency.



Nicolas Félix-Faure

Project leader

Catherine Behr


Geraldine Eynard, Damien Gaudin, Annick Isnard, Sabine Fontana, Ketty Maitre, Muriel Nourrisson, Bruno Thirion, Florian Burnichon

Quantity surveying

Didier Deschamps, Samuel Sœur