Extension of the American Hospital, Neuilly, Neuilly-sur-Seine

Gather excellence and comfort

The extension of the American Hospital reinforces its prestige by affirming its modernity and excellence. Its sober and timeless architecture is affirmed by its materiality and its composition: its “L” morphology, conforming to the shape of the Memorial Building, allows an assemblage of simple volumes affirming a mineral base and a crystalline attic with the marble alliance and glass. Its new entrance, highlighted by a monumental gate, and its organization around a landscaped atrium, give it a new legibility. The interior spaces, treated as a comfortable hotel, develop a warm and fluid universe thanks to the use of natural materials, flexible forms, and dialogue with the architecture to compose a renewed image.



Denis Bouvier, Franck Lavigne, Alexandre Franc


Cornelia Negulescu, Ralph Abdeljalil, Daniela Fieffe, Sylvain Saint-Père