Sport and culture Equipment of the "Pole Gare", Chartres

With its dynamic curves and wide facade facing the cathedral, its esplanade and “belvedere roof garden”, the new cultural and sports facility is becoming the distinctive identifying factor of the new station hub district and a community facility. The cauldron-shaped hall and its ambulatory, a circular agora, provide optimum visual comfort and strengthen the feeling of belonging during events. The roof garden with its wide selection of plants provides the city with a spectacle, and its inhabitants with a new public space.



Antoine Buisseret, Alexandre Franc


Études : Ralph Abdeljalil, Véronique Zamant, Emmanuel Cheillan, Julian Deglas
Chantier : Rosa Acampora, Catherine Lauvray, Valentin Evrard, Victor Boutin

Quantity surveying

Mathias Bacconnier