Centre Hospitalier Nord-Deux-Sèvres, Faye l'Abbesse

The new Nord Deux-Sèvres Hospital takes place in an agricultural site in the middle of the bocage Poitevin. Compact, designed on a square grip, the project is seen as the superposition of horizontal functional nappe. It consists , from bottom to top, of :
– A mineral base with gabions on the south facade : in the slope of the terrain, it hosts the logistics and opens onto the courtyard;
– A horizontal incision on the facade, underlined by a colonnade , and a large terrace belvedere accessible to patients. This is the level of the lobby, relaxation areas and outpatient areas: consultations, imaging and emergencies;
– Two top levels  which form a homogeneous mineral mass, as an ondulating skyline. Dressed in clay brick, the volume is pierced with large “windows” that modify the scale of perception.



Franck Lavigne

Project leader

Enrico Ingala


Annie Kechichian, Céline Chambost, Vassiliki Noula, Marion Vidal