CHIPS, Poissy

The purpose of the extension to the CHIPS hospital is to group together most of the medical services and full hospitalisation facilities (including maternity), as well as all the intensive care and A&E facilities, on the Poissy campus. The new building reconfigures the site overall, and also includes the main reception area for the hospital. It makes it possible to transform the entire site into a new campus that is coherent, attractive and optimised. Carried out while the site is occupied, the challenge is to work cleanly, safely and quickly, facilitating the future remodelling of the historic building and the completion of the master plan. The building has two angled façades that are both accessible and visible, housing two distinct entrances: the main entrance to the south and the entrance for emergencies to the west. Making the most of the slope, the main entrance is highlighted by a planted forecourt. Continuing on from the forecourt, the porch under the bridge section is highlighted by the façades of its dark-coloured base. Truly a transition between public and private space, it forms a protective threshold that provides shelter from the rain and sun and acts as a waiting area. This is followed by a Cortile—an inner courtyard—with a circulation area running alongside it, linking the main hall to the new building. With its exterior false ceilings and wooden screens, its dark brick cladding, its large cantilevered banner highlighting the entrance, its signage, its planted areas, its proportions and its special flooring, it is a welcoming building that defines the hospital’s new image.



Franck Lavigne, Alexandre Franc, Geneviève Carini, Alain Eyraud, Nathalie Pierre

Project leader

Blandine Rançon


Léa Hyppolite, Marion Debard, Céline Tosti, Florian Burnichon, Sandrine Rey, Sabine Fontana, Sandra Olandese