Children’s Hospital of the Future, Kyiv, Ukraine

An international architectural competition was launched by the Foundation «Children’s Hospital of the Future», chaired by Mrs. Yushchenko (the wife of the President of the Republic of Ukraine), whose mission is to provide an institution that specializes in the care of infants and children with cancer. Located in the heart of a wooded park of 10 hectares, the project is a synthesis between a strong functional organization and a spatial arrangement in the landscape combining traditional construction principles (wood and oxidized copper on the ward fingers) and hi-tech (ETFE self inflatable membrane for the central gallery). The medical functions are placed behind the central gallery allowing the reception, accommodation and care of the children, views over the park.



Antoine Buisseret

Project leader

Maeve Naessens, Myriam Dana


Nadezda Smirnova, Henri Guillaud-Beauregard, Anna Kachitsina, Yves Tailfer, Benoît Clavieras, Rodica Plugaru