Bab Al Bahrain Square

The Ministry of Culture of the Kingdom of Bahrain launched an international architecture competition to redesign Bab Al Bahrain Square, a symbolic space in the heart of Manama, the historic capital of the Kingdom of Bahrain.  The project weaves links between the ancient gateway to the city and the Financial Harbour, the international business centre located nearby on the sea front. The monumental promenade and its water mirror, punctuated by thematic, cultural, historic and ecological paths, link the historic roots of the Kingdom with its future. The symbolic relationship between Bahrain and the sea is emphasised and transcended by the “sea square” under the water mirror. Its reflections and the interplay of light and transparency create a unique area providing a wide range of sensations. The “mirror between two seas” is becoming an iconic urban area opening the Kingdom up to modernity and enhancing its heritage and culture.



Antoine Buisseret, Alexandre Franc

Project leader

Patrick Mineur