Symbio Factory à Saint-Fons


Within the groupment lead by Eiffage Construction, Groupe-6 a designed for the Groupe Symbio the european largest production unit, in the heart of the Valley of the Chimie near Lyon. This new site will welcome the headquarters of Symbio, its R&D Center, and the production unit of the hydrogen systems. The Building permit has been obtained and the construction site will start in october 2021 in the city of Saint-Fons.



Alain Marchal

Project leader

Myriam Dana, Christine Guillas


Vincent Orthlieb, Ketty Maitre, Corinne Thibaut, Etienne Sigros, Marie-Anne Steinhaus, Sabine Fontana, Nicole Combalot, Annick Isnard, Florian Burnichon, Adrien Jacques le seigneur