STICS labs, Montpellier

Three parallel blocks housing research groups and their offices stretch down the slope. The shape of the clean rooms is easily identifiable at the end of the main road, with a metallic-textured coating. This form and structure favours natural light and develops a rural concept that enables nature to penetrate into the very heart of the building, in the manner so typical of the South of France. The facades express a horizontal dynamic. A vibration is set up by a series of solid panels that nevertheless do not in any way detract from the modularity of the plan. The emblematic front facade opens to the south, onto the campus, clearly indicating the main entrance and emphasising the areas shared by users of the site. The building has a friendly feel due to its colours and transparent sections, which are then echoed in the internal roads of the project.



Candide Felix-Faure

Project leader

Géraldine Eynard, Vincent Orthlieb


Leila Belloundja, Olivia Carneiro, Rosalia Damiani, Sandrine Pieck

Quantity surveying

Mathias Bacconnier, Didier Deschamps