Stadium in Bordeaux

Designed by Herzog & de Meuron, the new Bordeaux stadium is an exceptional sports equipment. Alongside them from the competition, the building permits and to delivery, as realization architect, Groupe-6 has put at the service of this great project, its technical know-how and experience of complex projects. To reach the best realization of the concept and the best comfort of use. To vibrate in unison.

“The new Bordeaux stadium appears light and open; it is elegant, if such a term can be used for a building of this size. Its purity and geometrical clarity inspires a sense of monumentality and gracefulness. One might be tempted to draw a comparison with a classical temple, but unlike the elevated plinth of a temple, the grand stairs of the stadium blur the boundaries between inside and outside. Countless columns standing on the stairs accompany the visitors on their way in and out of the stadium. (…) This architectural concept gives a specific identity to the new Bordeaux stadium. The diaphanous volume opens up to the surrounding landscape while the grand stairs express openness and accessibility for everyone. Its transparency reveals all the energy and activities that will transform this piece of land into a new and vibrant part of Bordeaux.”
Herzog & de Meuron, May 2015

Archdaily 2016 “Building of the Year” Award

Trophées Eiffel 2016

ADC Awards 2016

Nominated at the Equerre d’argent Award 2015



Alain Marchal

Project leader

Julie Roméas, Pascal Corsi, Pascal Chancelade


Marie de Kerdrel, Muriel Nourrisson, Philippe Battesti, Moise Benainous, Luis Pestana, Patrick Mineur, Guillaume Ledieu, Sylvain Bru, Ketty Maitre, Anne-Marie Morvant, Bruno Thirion, Maeve Naessens, Florian Burnichon, Ines Noblin