Stadium and Arena, Cherbourg-Octeville

This highly innovative project makes it possible to push the concepts of modularity and multi-activity to the limit, as all the facilities are brought under one roof: an Arena with a capacity of 3,600 and a stadium for 18,000 spectactors. The architectural challenges is to find where to place the building on the slope and among the plants that grow all over the site. The project features an esplanade around the outside offering panoramic views of the sea: it forms a large urban square providing access to the lower tiers of the stadium. The profile of the roof echoes the landscape and asserts the identity of this major facility in Cherbourg. The two blocks, the Arena and the stadium, are distinct but the eye only sees one building. The metal skin takes the form of an upturned pearly shell, and covers the entire facility and the sheltered areas around it.



Alain Marchal

Project leader

Sandrine Masson


Julie Roméas, Serge Journot, Adrien Felix-Faure,
Corinne Thibaut, Perrine Alexandre