Head of Innovation offices, Schneider Electric, Grenoble

A major building housing the Innovation department of Schneider Electric, this Groupe-6 project is located on the Presqu’île Scientifique, the new science cluster which, combining quality of life, economic performance, and academic and scientific excellence, is already home to some major public and private organisations. It strongly asserts its identity thanks to its outstanding design. Its meticulously designed body is covered in a precious skin of bronze-coloured anodised aluminium, highlighting the prestige and excellence of the organisation it houses. Its four blocks set in a square along the Avenue des Martyrs buzz with activity at ground level; their unifying façades express an egalitarian approach to the offices inside and provide no clues to the diversity of the interior spaces, giving a striking overall impression.  A riverside park contained within and protected by the complex is designed to be used by staff. The floor plans combine open-space areas and individual offices in a range of dynamic and flexible layouts. Large staircases on the façade overlooking the park form a vertical “main street” acting as the core of life in the company. Around the stairs, which provide opportunities for staff members to meet informally—important for innovation—are the meeting rooms and relaxation areas.

BEPOS, LEED Platinum, 100% BIM

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Denis Bouvier

Project leader

Hélène Bottarel


Salvatore Carvelli, Jean Cataix, Blandine Rançon, Clément Georges, Aziz Hassouni, Thierry Bernardoux, Corinne Thibaut, Perrine Alexandre

Quantity surveying

Didier Deschamps, Samuel Soeur