Sambre Avesnois New General Hospital, Maubeuge

This building fits deftly into the landscape. Its understated design makes it accessible—it seems to be within everyone’s reach. The materials used are natural, tactile, and warm. The entrances, sheltered by broad awnings, are on either side of the building: the main hall on one side; A&E on the other. The primary shape is a rectangle. Its large surface areas are well adapted to contemporary hospital facilities. Between two sloping gardens, the concrete base anchors the building in its surroundings. The metal upper section begins at level 1; here, the blocks break up into protruding elements, forming a cascade of terraces.



Denis Bouvier

Project leader

Salvatore Carvelli, Vivien Pillot, Blandine Rançon, Clément Georges, Hélène Bottarel, Anna Kachitsina, Ketty Maittre, Orlando Corso, Bruno Thirion, Florian Burnichon, Marie-Anne Steinhaus, Eliane Monon, Perrine Alexandre, Corinne Thibaut, Thierry Bernardoux, Camille Marillier

Quantity surveying

Didier Deschamps, Mathias Bacconnier