Pôle de santé, Cosne-Sur-Loire

Chambre du Centre Hospitalier de Cosne-sur-Loire

At the entrance of the city, the new hospital embodies the renewal of local medicine and the dynamism of Cosne-sur-Loire. Offering a new image, it defines urban and landscaped axes, and offers an attractive quality of hospitality for both patients and staff. As a landmark, the entrance of the hospital and its forecourt desserves its central body, forming a stable center of gravity that brings together circulations at all levels.  Its two accomodations wings, perpendicular to the nearby motorway, limit the exposure of its rooms to noise and promote attractive views. On a human scale, the new « Pôle de santé » brings together an Emergency Department and its helipad, an Imaging Department, a Consultation and Day Hospitalization Service, as well as 90 conventional hospital beds divided into three units: a 30-bed Multipurpose Medicine Unit, a 30-bed Long-Term Care Unit (LTU), and a 30-bed Aftercare and Rehabilitation Unit (CRDD). This project with a sober contemporary image, affirms a just efficiency adapted and preserves qualities of space for places of accommodation and shared places. Its architecture is in regard to the status of this public equipment. For each room, a generous window, a square of 180 cm, is «inhabited», offering a fixed and opening glazing, and comfortable carpeted fittings for the resident. Outdoor spaces, planted, participate in qualitative views and become spaces of use. The materials used and the composition of the facades are simple and durable. The modular facades, insulated from the outside with white sand brick, guarantee a simplicity of use, maintenance and enhances the image of the institution.



Géraldine Maurice

Project leader

Clémence Goudal


Nicholas Archer, Thomas Samson