Pole Biology Health, Nancy

The new Biology and Health Hub brings three previously separate entities together under one roof. The architectural proposal is to arrange three distinct blocks representative of each entity around a triangular garden. The common areas are in the centre. The dynamics of the architectural design create a strong presence at the entrance to the campus. The dialogue, on the edge of the city, between the architectural design and the sculpture by Francesco Marino di Teana modernises the image of the University and creates a striking landmark. The cantilever of the most airy-looking block dominates the scene and marks both the entrance to the administrative offices and that of the complex itself. The way the blocks work together visually, the way they respond to the light all day long, the purity of their outlines and the harmonious use of materials express, more than mere modernity, the excellence of the teaching provided here and a sense of openness to the city.



Alain Eyraud, Nathalie Pierre

Project leader

Catherine Behr


Guillaume Bénet, Florence Gautier, Marie de Kerdrel, Sébastien Greffier, Florian Burnichon, Thierry Bernardoux, Sabine Fontana, Geraldine Eynard, Ketty Maitre, Corinne Thibaut, Rosalia Damiani