Judiciary center for the french Gendarmerie Nationale (PJGN)

The  PJGN is a high-level expertise hub which will serve as a European showcase for French work in forensics. The centre, unique in France, must meet extremely strict security and confidentiality requirements while encouraging users to share their research on criminology. Our design takes a dual approach in order to meet these very different needs. The hi-tech laboratories are built as “islands”, creating a contrast with the glass pavilion in the heart of the centre. The pavilion forms a transparent connection between the IRCGN and STRDJD units based on the site, reflecting their need to share discussions and exchange information. The centre will be low energy consumption certified, thanks to its compact structure and optimal use of natural light.



Alain Eyraud

Project leader

Ariane Rupp


Emmanuel Cheillan, Bernhard von Oppeln, Luis Pestana, Guillaume Ledieu, Catherine Bonnier, Elisabeth Ankri, Clément Gauthier, Nicolas Tricard, Claire Chauvois, Hugues Beaudoin, Claudia Ayraud, Pauline Lazareff, Enrico Ingala, Williams Johnson, Sandrine Dupraz, Suzanne Ryg, Daniela Fieffe, Florence Dubruel, Perrine Alexandre

Quantity surveying

Ludovic De Saint Germain