Office building for Naval Group in Nantes-Indret

At the heart of Naval Group’s historic industrial site in Indret, on the banks of the Loire, near Nantes, the new office building is an efficient tool for organization and a vector of identity. These offices of new generation are divided into three volumes connected by a large corridor, on a landscaped base. Perennial, evolutive and modular, the architecture provides a great comfort of use and facilitates the exploitation. Comfortable and flexible, large levels served by common areas of quality promote collaborative work. Their organization in successive enclosures with increasing levels of confidentiality and secure facades guarantees the safety and security of the industrial process. Diversified configurations combine partitioned offices and open-spaces, connected by luminous corridors and completed with living areas: cafeteria, showroom, and terraces. The facades, clad in a polychrome glazed ceramic that vibrates under the light, echo the changing landscape of the Loire.



Alexandre Franc

Project leader

Ralph Abdeljalil
Nicolas Tricard


Marcela Yolito
Clémence Bertrand

Quantity surveying

Didier Deschamps


Ralph Abdeljalil
Massimo Lombardi