Mother-child Hospital, Limoges

In a gently sloping landscaped position, the Mother and Child Unit constitutes a balanced and reassuring architectural ensemble next to the Teaching Hospital; the focal point is large central ochre-coloured building which houses the main triage functions and the entrance hall. As if attached to this central building, a curved volume elevated on stilts like a protective arm, houses the accommodation units overlooking the Vienne Valley and which appear to float above a central courtyard. A third building reflects and completes this geometrical ensemble by forming a curved metal ribbon which envelops the medical and technical zone and two levels of the underground parking lot.



Alain Eyraud, Jean-Marc Pigeon, Geneviève Carini

Project leader

Alice Flavigny


Jean Cataix, Alain Galaup, Vincent Platel, Pierre Barbotte, Natacha Levasseur, Athina Drakopoulos, Maeve Naessens, Serge Gascon, Christian Hennuy, Loïc Guillaud, David Naudon, Céline Courcoux

Quantity surveying

Alain Mollaret, Denis Chaix