Minatec Innovation Hub

The aim of the new “Minatec Hub” is to link teaching and research, and industrial development around 4 facilities: an INPG and CIME teaching centre, a CEA (LETI), INPG, CNRS and UJF (Joseph Fourier University) research centre, an industrial development centre, and the Maison des Micro et Nanotechnologies (MMNT). The chosen location of this new building is in a highly privileged situation, which not only respects the functional and technical requirements but also showcases Minalogic’s role as a competitiveness cluster. Furthermore, these buildings are complete with clean rooms, a conference room and a business incubator.



Alain Eyraud

Project leader

Hélène Bottarel, Franck Jaoui, Marie Dal-Col, Jean Cataix


Magali Rastogi, Alberto Alssandri, Rachel Cook, Myriam Dana, Florent Patois, Pascal Corsi, Serge Gascon, Jean Salvi, Thierry Niogret, Danilo Impeciati, Orlando Corso, Smaïne Chekri, Christophe Chinkov, Guy Turin, Pierre Franchino, Pierre Barbotte, Richard Pigeau, Jean-Louis Beltran, David Perrin, Rosalia Damiani

Quantity surveying

Alain Mollaret, Wieslawa Rudy, Ludovic De Saint Germain, Jacques Richaud