Pôle de Biologie Territoriale, Reims

The architectural project is efficient, consistent and legible, facades expressing the plan and organization. Its simple form, a square of 64 m side, is animated by 4 patios and crossed by an “axis major” which links the two complementary components of the program, offices and laboratories. On the street, a square above the entrance of the building and highlights its structural axis north-south, which distributes a generous hall, 2 of the 4 patios and extends to a terrace on the south façade, highlighted by a large window. Unitary, its envelope is composed by solid elements at the base level (on the ground floor, a composite mineral with light color) and largely glazed at the two levels (curtain walls). A semi-transparent metal envelope fits out the top two levels, forming a fixed sun protection that stops it here or there to offer direct views of the outside. Compact, efficient and scalable, all the elements are declined on a structural frame 1.80 m. By its architecture the Biology Pole prefigures the setting up of the New Hospital which will take place immediately next door, also designed by Groupe-6, and whose construction starts.



Geneviève Carini

Project leader

Hélène Bottarel, Céline Tosti


Catherine Behr, Marie de Kerdrel, Florian Burnichon, Perrine Alexandre, Romain Obry

Quantity surveying

Mathias Baconnier