Restructuring of the scientific research units in the Campus Lyontech - La Doua, Lyon, France

The La Doua science campus is made up of two clearly identifiable hubs differentiated by their history, their form, and their architectural style: to the west is the UCBL; to the east is INSA. The renovation project embraces this clarity, showcasing the existing architecture without making the non-renovated buildings look outdated. Airy and light, the new façades fit like tailored coats. The green central axis embodies the values of the LyonTech-La Doua eco-campus: simplicity, sharing, sustainability and user-friendliness. Highlighted and magnified by the accumulation of new functions at ground level, it becomes the emblem of the eco-campus and its quality of use.



Denis Bouvier


Salvatore Carvelli, Vivien Pillot, Blandine Rançon