International School Complex, Grenoble

The international school complex in Grenoble is a single building which houses a middle school and high school for 1,000 students of 40 nationalities. The school offers international courses taught in Arabic, English, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. It is built on a narrow lot, bordered by railway lines to the north, Avenue Louis Weil to the south and the tramway to the southwest. The complex is made up of four learning pavilions which divide the lot into different sections.The pavilions create a line of facades which runs from east to west, providing an optimal orientation for all classrooms. The pavilions are connected by indoor passages which run along the “shield facade,” which is both wind and sound proof. The zinc-clad facade swells to form a corbel arch over the train tracks. The pavilions straddle the courtyards and gardens in order to open up as much space as possible – the one ingredient lacking for the project. Thelibrary and cafeteriaoffer a broad opening towards the south and communicate with thepublic space.



Olivier Félix-Faure, Nathalie Pierre


Etudes : Serge Gascon, Jean Salvi, Fabienne Ferley, Christian Hennuy, Geneviève Carini, Didier Petit, D. Gavache, Nadalin
Chantier : François Terpend, Philippe Roch

Quantity surveying

Pierre Scheibling, Alain Mollaret, Wieslawa Rudy