Hôpital Riviera-Chablais, Vaud-Valais, Rennaz, Suisse

The Swiss cantons of Vaud and Valais decided to build a communal hospital, an unprecedented event in the history of Switzerland. The village of Rennaz was chosen as the location for the hospital, due to the nearby motorway infrastructure as well as its geographical location which symbolises the union between the two cantons. The hospital is to be a horizontal layer on three levels so as not to interfere with the height of buildings in the neighbouring village. It fits harmoniously into the landscape, nestling on the site’s natural topography. The accommodation is concentrated in a single unit on the top floor crowning the building. It is made up of inward looking treatment units overlooking gardens protected from road nuisance while opening out onto the wide open landscape. The rest of medical activities are concentrated on the first two floors, encased in an outer skin of protective, reflective glass.

See also : https://www.espazium.ch/fr/weitere-publikationen-hopital-riviera-chablais-2021



Denis Bouvier, Yves Tailfer


Salvator Carvelli, Hélène Bottarel, Anna Kachitsina, Julien Richard

Quantity surveying

Alain Mollaret, Didier Deschamps