Health Center (Cite Sanitaire), Saint-Nazaire

The architecture of the new health facility in Saint-Nazaire – an amalgamation of the Medical Centre and the private clinic – brings both establishments together in a cohesive, evolving whole that at the same time respects the identity of the two entities.  Accentuated by a wide perforated metal high-level floating roof, a shared entrance hall serves both the clinic, the facade of which is punctuated by coloured vertical sun screens, and the hospital with its rounded white volumes and sleeker, more contained architecture.
On a human scale despite its size, the facility’s architecture is easy to understand and its design facilitates the identification of the various sections.



Geneviève Carini, Alain Eyraud

Project leader

Céline Tosti, Cornélia Negulescu


Marie de Kerdrel, Daniella Fieffe, Colin Lefevre, Marie Mevel, Anne Pesse, Nolwenn Dreano, Judith Martinez, Orlando Corso, Alain Galaup, Catherine Lauvray, Florian Burnichon, Sandrine Dupraz, Thibault Tatin, Nadezda Smirnova, Martha Leblanc, Fanny Meyer, Jovenil Dos Reis, Hélène Bottarel, Marc Maquin, Dagmar Prasilova, Sabastien Perez, Idit Adler, Evangelia Rémy-Paxinou, Fabien Lapparent, Peingwende Yameogo, Maria-Noël Garcia, Sandra Olandese, Christine Forrer, Alix Dinnequin, Henri Guillaud-Beauregard, Nicolas Forthoffer, Maeve Naessens, Jean Cataix, Damien Gaudin, Guillaume Ledieu, Bruno Thirion, Anna Kachitsina, Franck Lavigne, Silvina Triemstra, Vincent Dupont, Alexandre Vincent-Beaume, Sandrine Bellanger, Rosalia Damiani, Amandine Lazareff, Perinne Alexandre, Valérie Thierry, Céline Courcoux

Quantity surveying

Alain Mollaret, Ludovic De Saint Germain, Denis Chaix