Hautepierre Hospital and Institut Regional Cancer Institute (IRC)

The Paul Strauss Cancer Centre and the Strasbourg University Medical Centre have joined forces to create a Regional Cancer Institute. The aim of this alliance, the first in France, is to provide Alsace with a public centre of excellence in cancer care, accessible to all. Hautepierre Hospital, with its imposing architecture, now has a new facade and a new image due to the addition of two concentric buildings on a compact base opening into the interior of the site. While its facade on Avenue Moliere is reminiscent of a ribbon punctuated by vertical stripes, the volumes in the garden are hollowed out or fragmented here and there, providing the accommodation with terraces and views. Patients and visitors arrive through a wide square. To the south, part of the garden rises so that it is possible to access the institute on both levels. At the heart of the islet, the IRC is identified by the horizontally-striped sun screens hugging the curve of the building and by stepped terraces to the south. Architecture at peace.



Geneviève Carini

Project leader

Cornélia Negulescu, Arianne Rupp, Laure Perdigon


Colin Lefevre, Catherine Bonnier, Ketty Maitre, Christine Forrer, Marie Mevel, Suzanne Ryg, Marie de Kerdrel, Ralph Abdeljalil, Maève Nassens, Bruno Thirion, Luis Pestana, Christine Guillas, Sandrine Dupraz, Catherine Lauvray, Gianni La Cognata, Emmanuel Cheillan, Anne Pesse, Corinne Thibaud, Loïc Guillaud, Ines Noblin, Giovanni Orsi, Perrine Alexandre, Adrien Bertrand, Rosalia Damiani, Jeanne Claire Schnebelen

Quantity surveying

Didier Deschamps, Denix Chaix