GreEn-ER, scientific campus, Grenoble, France.

After Minatec, the creation of a new energy-focused innovation hub consolidates the science cluster of the Presqu’Ile de Grenoble. GreEn-ER comprises the Grenoble INP-Ense3 engineering college (Energy, Water and the Environment), the bachelor’s and master’s programmes of the Université Joseph Fourier, the G2Elab laboratory, the PREDIS and MDE training and research platforms, restaurants and cafeterias. The wellbeing of users was one of the key concerns of the project designers, with a well thought-out shared layout and pleasant surroundings. The building sets the bar very high in terms of energy and water management, and aims to remain a reference in the sphere of academic building heritage. Meticulous care has been taken over the building’s impact on global resources while in operation (its energy performance is 35% higher than the RT 2012 thermal regulation standard).



Bruno Hallé

Project leader

Christine Guillas


Juliette Chauvel, Orlando Corso