General Hospital, Arras

The Arras General Hospital project sets the standard for a new generation of hospitals, combining rational design with spacial quality – a “network hospital”, with a logistics organisation made possible by integrating new information and communication technologies (NICT); a “smart hospital” with a system of dual-skin façades providing passive solar input and natural ventilation; and, finally, a “hospital as a living environment”, with splendid views looking out over the grounds, the patios and the lakes, with a highly innovative approach to hospital room design, favouring the relationship between the healthcare personnel and the patient.



Denis Bouvier


Michèle Roumegoux, Vincent Platel, François Laugier, Anna Kachitsina, Pierre Roncin, Serge Gascon, Jean Salvi, Harold Colomba, Christine Jaouen, Athina Drakopoulos, Alain Galaup, Caroline Faivre, Damien Gaudin, Christophe Duvert, Stephane Buzon, Stephane Baron, Gérard Briol, Matthieu Vanelstlande, David Naudon, Rosalia Damiani, Céline Courcoux

Quantity surveying

Pierre Schiebling, Wieslawa Rudy